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02 9 2016

Change of Command at NCI Agency CSU Brunssum

On 5 February 2016, LTC Grzegorz Bednarski, Polish Army, officially handed over his command of the NCI Agency CSU Brunssum to COL Clive ter Heege, Royal Netherlands Air Force.

The ceremony was conducted at the International Conference Centre (ICC) located in Brunssum in the presence of the NCI Agency General Manager, MGEN (rtd) Koen Gijsbers. The Director of Service Operations, BGEN Luigi Tomaiuolo, Italian Army, hosted the ceremony and appointed COL Clive ter Heege as the new CSU Brunssum Commander.

LTC Bednarski

The out-going Commander, LTC Bednarski served as Commander of CSU Brunssum, for a period of six months, starting 9 July 2015, and led the organization at a time of great change within NCI Agency. Throughout his command, LTC Bednarski challenged his staff to support our customer, Joint Force Command Brunssum (JFCBS) and to take care of Agency personnel and their families. He highlighted to JFCBS the importance of matching resources (people, equipment and time) to Commander's intent. Through these challenges, the CSU was able to successfully meet and exceed the expectations of five critical exercises supporting JFCBS in Trident Joust 2014, Nuclear Warfare Planning for Nations 2014, Brilliant Vision 2015, Resolute Support – Joint Operational Group 2015 and Trident Juncture 2015.

COL Clive ter Heege

The new Commander, COL Clive ter Heege, joined the RNLAF in 1980. After completing his education at the Royal Netherlands Military Academy in 1985, he spent the first two decades of his career serving mostly with different operational units of the RNLAF. He completed various tours with HAWK and Patriot Guided Missile units and at Airbases operating military air transport aircraft, NF-5 and F-16 combat aircraft. COL ter Heege predominately held financial and management control positions with these units in their peacetime structure. In the wartime structure of these units however, he often performed duties in ground- and air defence positions. COL ter Heege has been working in and around The Hague in the Netherlands since 2000. There he spent a number of years as a teacher at the Netherlands Joint Command and Staff College and in the staff of the Tactical Air Command of the Royal Netherlands Air Force. In 2005, he was posted to the Ministry of Defence, where he worked for the Internal Auditing Department of the Netherlands Ministry of Defence.