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09 3 2014

Building on a strong foundation

On 12 August 2014, the General Manager invited the former Directors and General Managers of the five elements that formed the NCI Agency to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of the Agency's establishment.

Also taking part were members of the Agency's senior management team as well as Agency stakeholders and customers: Mr Tim Harp, Chairman of our Supervisory Board; Ambassador Sorin Ducaru, Emerging Security Challenges Division at NATO HQ; General Ludwig Leinhos, NATO HQ C3 Staff; General Bert Booman, CIS Group; and Mr Ludwig Decamps Armament & Aerospace Capabilities Directorate.

The General Manager took the opportunity to update the group on the Agency's evolution; they also exchanged views on the implications for the Agency of the Wales Summit.

Building on strong foundations

The event concluded with the handing out of a commemorative plaque to thank the Directors and General Managers for their support in establishing the Agency.

"We started this journey together, to meet the Nations tasking to deliver C4ISR services to NATO and the Nations in a more efficient and effective way," said the General Manager, "Two years on, a lot has been achieved. This is first and foremost the result of the talent and dedication of our staff, the staff that you hired. We are building on a strong and proud history."

Building on a strong foundation