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06 15 2015

AirC2IS Receives Positive Assessment from Operational Users

A User Assessment Test (UAT) of the AirC2IS Baseline 3 (BL3) software was conducted at NCI Agency The Hague from 1 to 5 June 2015 and resulted in a strong recommendation from the users to deploy it to five NATO Command Structure (NCS) sites. 15 users from AIRCOM, JFC Brunssum, MARCOM and CAOC Uedem conducted the UAT, and the execution was overseen by four representatives from SHAPE and ACT.

It was a busy week with five test streams running in parallel to assess Order of Battle (ORBAT), Joint/Prioritised Critical Asset List (PCAL/JPCAL), Defence Design management, Intel and situation awareness functionality. The operational users performed the test with vignettes and data that were based on the Cerasia scenario and some Ensemble Test and JPOW recordings. The operators were also given the opportunity to run adhoc tests with their own data (e.g. ISAF recordings, etc.). The Atos contractor team of engineers, domain experts, developers and testers worked diligently, together with the NCI Agency project team, to provide the necessary support to ensure a successful event.

AirC2IS Receives Positive Assessment from Operational Users

Overall, it was a thorough test which resulted in a comprehensive assessment of the system, relevant findings and confidence from the users that they understood the capability. The users were pleased with the human-machine interface (HMI) and workflow, and positively stated that AirC2IS is better than the current TBMD planning system of record, PlaTo.

Deployment of the capability will begin in July 2015 at AIRCOM and continue thereafter with rollout to JFC Brunssum, JFC Naples, MARCOM and the DACCC.