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05 20 2014

Agency supports NATO's largest technology trial

The NCI Agency is playing an important enabling role in the largest ever test of NATO's intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities that began on 19 May at Ørland Air Station in Norway. Over 20 colleagues are on the ground, supporting the event.

The Agency supported the detailed planning of the 10-day event, plays a key role in its execution and will be enabling the reporting and assessment from the event.

"The Agency developed the Target Architecture for the Trial, designed the network infrastructure, implemented, validated, and helped deploy and manage the server/client environment, provided Trial Management Team support and is providing the Post-Trial Evaluation Environment," said Joe Ross, Agency technical lead for the event, "Through the MAJIIC 2 Project, the Agency also provided the Knowledge Manager and translated the MAJIIC Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures into TTPs for the event, provided the vignette design, risk reduction testing with nations and BICES. It's hard to find a better example of the comprehensive nature of the Agency's support to priority NATO C4ISR projects."

Agency supports NATOtmpAmps largest technology trial

The Agency also supported some of its key customers, such as the NAEW&C Force Command, Alliance Ground Surveillance (AGS), Allied Command Transformation and the NATO C3 Board with a range of trial and test objectives and associated activities.

NATO's Joint ISR (JISR) community and the Agency are evaluating the results which will be used as the baseline for implementation of JISR IOC capabilities for the NATO Response Force 2016. Importantly, the UV14 results will also help support the acquisition and implementation of an enduring JISR capability to support the AGS capability. The NCI Agency will be the host nation for this enduring JISR capability, which will be one of the Agency's major acquisition projects in the coming years.

For more information on the event, see the NATO HQ Web site story on the event.