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11 18 2014

Agency support to Trident Joust 14 Exercise

NCI Agency Service Operations Bydgoszcz successfully supported Trident Joust 14 Training Event (TRJT 14 TE) conducted by Joint Force Command (JFC) Brunssum in JFTC Bydgoszcz, Poland from 13 October to 24 October 2014.

Almost four hundred members of Exercise Control (EXCON) and Training Audience (TA) of the JFC Brunssum were deployed to the JFTC Bydgoszcz to execute TRJT 14 exercise, the main training event for this year's NATO Response Force (NRF) headquarters. The training encompassed the common level of understanding the full spectrum of activities which are predicted in NRF deployment possibilities during the NATO operations.

NCI Agency Service Operations Bydgoszcz was tasked to implement and maintain planned Communication and Information Systems (CIS) infrastructure services such as:

- WAN connectivity;

- LAN connectivity;

- Core Services;

- Functional Services;

- Information Management Tools.

NCI Agency Service Operations Bydgoszcz provided in total over 500 workstations (NS, Internet), almost 400 phones (VoIP, VoSIP, DECT), 74 VTC connections, printing solutions and continuous CIS support by establishing Training Event Service Desk. During TRJT 14 over 100 Service Requests were registered. The majority of them concerned the low impact issues (equipment relocation, printers' cartridge replacement, password change etc.). The TRJT 14 attendants emphasized the immediate NCI Agency Service Desk response what proves a very good CIS equipment provision and support value to the EXCON and TA. Considering the CIS technical support, NCI Agency Service Operations Bydgoszcz delivered and maintained the whole range of the requested services without any disruptions.

During the closing ceremony on 23 October 2014, JFC Brunssum Commander, GEN Hans – Lothar Domröse thanked all who contributed to the success of the exercise.