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06 16 2015

Agency praised for Steadfast Cobalt exercise

NCI Agency staff received praise for their contribution to the success of Steadfast Cobalt, a major NATO exercise held in June. The exercise tested the communication and information systems of the 2016 NATO Response Force rotation.

The exercise was one of the largest and most complex tests of NATO deployable communication systems since the Fall of the Berlin Wall. From the communication and information systems point of view, it was a critical step towards the certification of the elements that will be on standby in 2016 for the NATO Response Force.

The NATO CIS Group, which organized the exercise, was supported by over 50 Agency subject matter experts. Support provided includes 3rd level support for the networks used in the exercise, functional area services and cyber defence.

Agency praised for Steadfast Cobalt exercise


The exercise tested a number of innovative concepts such as the "Mission Information Room" reachback for deployed networks and applications. It also progressed two major NATO initiatives: Federated Mission Networking and the Joint Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance.

During the Distinguished Visitors day, Mr Guy Feat, Agency Director of Applications Services, and Brigadier General Luigi Tomaiuolo, Director of Service Operations, visited members of the Agency team who were on the ground supporting the exercise.