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10 3 2014

Agency introduces 3D printing

Recently 3D printing was introduced by the Agency's Prototype Engineering Centre (PEC) and the Creative Media Centre (CMC) in The Hague. The 3D printing system procured by PEC enables rapid prototyping and functional testing, while the 3D printer at CMC enables visualization of 3D designs into tangible objects.

Functional testing and more

"After a comprehensive survey we decided to purchase a 3D Systems ProJet 3510 SD printer", says Arne den Exter, the Head of PEC. "It is an important addition to our existing crafting and mechanical equipment and we anticipate this printer will enable to respond rapidly on emerging requests from our customers. It also challenges our customers to think out of the box while working on new prototypes and capabilities."

The printer is able to produce durable plastic parts for functional testing, form and fit verification, rapid tooling and more. Using so called Multi-Jet modelling technology the printer produces very thin layers of UV-curable polymers resulting in high quality, high resolution products. There is a range of materials available in various colors and translucencies, as well as tensile strengths. The support material is a white, melt-away wax. It is even possible to print movable parts in one piece!

Virtual meets reality

For the Agency's Creative Media Centre in The Hague the procurement of its 3D Builder Dual Feed printer evolves its virtual 3D modelling services to include the production of tangible mockups. CMC has supported for many years already the Agency with its 3D modelling expertise. Recently, CMC printed scaled mockups to support the approval process of the new building's exterior façade design. Its printer is capable of producing objects in two colors (materials) such as MDF-like, and PLA (corn based environmental friendly material) through one nozzle. Therefore the printer complements the services provided by the high-end device at PEC and is also able to print objects up to 67 centimeters.

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