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02 17 2014

Agency hosts Ballistic Missile Defence Bidders Conference

On 14 February, as part of the Invitation for Bid (IFB), the NCI Agency hosted its Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) Bidders Conference in The Hague.

The BMD Contract offers a high value, long term business opportunity for Industry (contract value estimated over 60 Million EUR, with a duration of 7 years of which 3 are optional).

This conference was a formal part of the IFB which was released on 13 Jan 2014 and aimed at clarifying the IFB documentation, address questions by Industry and allow the Bidders to visit the BMD Integration Test Bed.

The Conference opened by Mr Peter Scaruppe, NCI Agency Director of Acquisition, stressed in his welcome address the importance and value of the BMD Programme to NATO as highlighted by transatlantic leaders in recent Summits, and emphasized the strict timeliness of this contract for the BMD Programme, which is administered by the NCI Agency. Purpose of the prospective Contract.

IFB-CO-13550-BMD, is to provide to the BMD Programme Office support to cover all Ballistic Missile Defence performance and deliverables necessary to programme and implementation oversight, architecture design and integration & testing of the architecture.

Following the Introduction, Mr Martin Steenwege, Senior Contracting Officer briefed the audience on the IFB package including the bidding instructions, prospective contract, and source selection procedure.

During this part also the questions provided by Industry were answered; these and other questions will be made available on the website for all prospective Bidders. The event came to a close, by a briefing on the BMD Integration Test Bed by Mr Alan Berry and subsequent visit to this facility.

The event was attended by 60 Industry representatives. The Bid closing date is 07 April 2014.