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06 2 2022

Agency experts play essential role in NATO's biggest interoperability exercise

The NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency) will be participating in the Coalition Warrior Interoperability Exercise (CWIX) 2022 in June.

CWIX is focused on interoperability, which is crucial to ensure Nations can communicate and share data while working on operations or missions. Interoperability is fundamental to NATO's success and is what makes multinational operations possible.

Agency experts play essential role in NATO's biggest interoperability exercise

Photo caption: These images were taken at previous editions of CWIX.

NCI Agency experts are responsible for ensuring Nations and partners' technology is interoperable so they can work together to achieve Allied objectives.

"Federated interoperability is not easy to achieve when you are connecting people, processes and technology from over 30 NATO Nations and partners in a military operation," said Miroslav Michev, Project Manager for Operations and Exercises at the NCI Agency. "CWIX is all about the collaboration among many countries and organizations, to ensure the Alliance and partners are capable of interoperating on all levels. Interoperability is at the very core of this exercise."

During CWIX, over 1,000 engineers, scientists, operations and planners from different nations and organizations come together to test and improve the interoperability between NATO's deployable command and control capabilities. During CWIX 21, participants conducted over 15,000 tests on almost 260 capabilities. This year's exercise is expected to be the biggest in the history of CWIX, with 35 participating nations, as well as 10 observing nations from NATO and the EU. Over 340 capabilities will be tested, including developmental, experimental, fielded and near-fielded capabilities.

The NCI Agency will provide support, with over 70 engineers and 38 capabilities in engineering and testing support, infrastructure, networking, security and independent verification and validation. The Agency's engineers will be deployed in Bydgoszcz, Poland, in June.

"With every execution, CWIX critically contributes to improving interoperability among NATO Nations and partners. Having people, processes and tools to understand each other and work as a well-oiled machine is more important than ever," said Alberto Pérez Veiga, CWIX Support Project Manager from the NCI Agency's Command and Control Centre. "Innovative, collaborative solutions are fundamental, and CWIX brings together the right experts to find them and make them happen. NCI Agency staff are proud to contribute with our support."