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03 19 2018

A Historic Move

On 19 March, the NCI Agency Headquarters in Brussels (Belgium) starts its move to the New NATO Building located just across the road. The move will take five days and will not affect any Agency business processes.

The new headquarters is a state-of-the-art facility in its full sense, starting with the environmentally friendly construction, an adaptable and collaborative work environment, but also offering advanced network infrastructure for more than 4000 people that enables flexible, collaborative and secure communication. This network infrastructure was delivered under contracts with Industry overseen by the Agency.

A digital endeavour

"As I've said before, the new building is essentially a network wrapped in concrete and glass. The IT infrastructure enhances the ability of users to communicate safely on one network - be it from work, from home or while travelling," said NCI Agency General Manager Kevin J. Scheid. "But this is just the beginning of a larger digital transformation; NATO is currently undergoing the single largest modernization of its communication and information technology – a modern, and resilient Alliance."

Follow the NATO HQ site for more information about the new headquarters.

For Industry representatives - the Agency postal mail address remains unchanged, the address for deliveries has been updated. Please see below:

Postal Mail address:

Boulevard Leopold III
1110 Brussels

For deliveries:

New NATO HQ - Industrial Infrastructure Building
Reception Service,
1, rue Arthur Maes
1130 Brussels

A Historic Move