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07 4 2014

3rd Land User Requirement Workshop

The 3rd Land User Requirement Workshop (LURW3) was held on 24-27 June 2014 at NCI Agency in The Hague, with attendance of staff officers from ACT, SHAPE, JFCNP, JFCBS, LANDCOM, NRDC-ITA, ARRC and MNC-NE. The workshop - part of the ACT Program of Work (POW) for the Land C2 Information Service (LC2IS) - was organized, facilitated and supported by the NCI Agency.

The goal of the LC2IS ACT POW is to define the requirements of the Land User Community for the next increment(s) of the Land C2 Information Service (LC2IS) and in conjunction with other Services of the BiSC AIS.

The objective of the workshop was to refine and detail six Operational Focus Areas that were defined in the previous workshop (LURW2). Each FA was addressed in a syndicate, facilitated by NCI Agency staff.

- Planning Support
- Land Targeting Support
- Operational Staff Work Support
- (Dynamic) Battlespace Management
- (Enhanced) ORBAT Management
- LCC/JFHQ Support

3rd Land User Requirement Workshop

Despite the limited availability of Subject Matter Experts (SME) from the HQs and the still limited User knowledge on the current version of LC2IS (INC-1.1), the workshop largely achieved its objectives.

Besides SME workshops such as this, the Land C2 Stakeholders have convened regularly once or twice per year since 2012 in Land User Working Group (LUWG) Meetings under the chair of SHAPE. The last LUWG was held at NCI Agency The Hague in November 2013.

In parallel sessions held during the workshop, SHAPE, JFCNP, LANDCOM and NCI Agency coordinated specific aspects of the implementation plan for LC2IS INC-1.1, to complete the implementation of the NATO Command Structure by Q1-2015. Such aspects included the NCI Agency and Contractor's mentoring support for the NRF15 exercises and for the definition of Standard Operating Procedures/Instructions (SOP/SOI) for LC2IS.