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01 8 2015

2015 Interim Customer Services Catalogue

The completion and publication of 2015 Interim Customer Services Catalogue (ICSC) is a result of close communication between our Customers and the NCI Agency and mutual commitment in addressing the Customers' needs and expectations.

It builds on the Customers' feedback on the first NCI Agency interim Customer Catalogue released in December 2013, the 2015 ICSC embraces a number of significant improvements, such as:

Improved content and harmonized Service Descriptions for all services;

Enhanced ease of use and service traceability through a redesigned catalogue structure, using the 2015 ICSC Service Model and - to the extent possible - sorting the services according to the NATO C3 taxonomy;

Alignment with the Budget Committee Military Budget Guidance for 2015 CIS.

In the process of 2015 ICSC development, the Agency Senior Customers provided valuable inputs, also through the Senior Customer - Supplier Board (SC-SB). The 'quick-wins' improvement suggestions are already incorporated in the document, while further improvement proposals are currently being reviewed and will be addressed in the subsequent editions of the ICSC.

The Agency's point of contact for the Customer Services Catalogue is Dr Velizar Shalamanov, Director Demand Management, tel.: +32 2 707 8141, e-mail: [email protected].