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03 17 2014

€ 200,000.00 Notification of Intent to Call for Bids

The NCI Agency has issued a Notification of Intent to Call for a study of the logistical support for CIS (Communication and Information Systems) equipment. It will recommend Organisational Boundaries, Roles and Responsibilities on the logistics functions necessary to efficiently support NATO owned CIS equipment.

At the Lisbon Summit, November 2010, NATO leaders endorsed a new Strategic Concept, which states that the Alliance will "engage in a process of continual reform, to streamline structures, improve working methods and maximize efficiency.'' This led to the establishment of the NATO Support Agency (NSPA) IN July 2012 representing a key milestone in establishing organizations within NATO for the future provisioning and support of equipment capabilities across the Alliance. Since formation, the new Agencies have been busy, reshaping internal process, streamlining ways of working, and restructuring organizational elements.

From the formation of the new agencies, it was recognised that in addition to addressing internal agency matters it would also be necessary to consider cross agencies issues; specifically future roles and responsibilities in areas of overlap. A strong relationship between the two agencies has been established at General Manager Level and this is supported by senior level staffs engagement through a Partnership Board. The Senior Leadership of both Agencies wish to address duplication of functions, processes, and procedures, and develop a roadmap for change that will clarify boundaries, roles and responsibilities between the two agencies and in addition offer up further benefits and savings.

The scope of work is for a study of the logistical support for CIS equipment. The study will take place in two phases, an initial scoping study to be completed within 2 months. This will be followed by more detailed studies to address: organisational boundaries, roles and responsibilities; CIS logistic policies; a benefits, savings and risk plan; and an assessment of calibration services to support NATO CIS.