​Legal Office

The Legal Adviser, as part of the Executive Staff, is directly responsible to the General Manager for legal and policy advice on the entire operational and international spectrum. The complexity of the function arises primarily from the contractual host nation activity of the Agency and is compounded by contracting with competing industrial and governmental bodies. Additional and significant complexity is inherent in the work due especially to the legal intricacies of operating under NATO customer funding. Against this backdrop, the Legal Adviser is responsible to plan, develop, maintain and manage the legal affairs of the NCI Agency in the fulfilment of its Chartered mandate.

The Legal Adviser also provides advice to the NCIO Agency Supervisory Board and its Chairperson, as needed.

Under the direction of the Legal Adviser, the NCI Agency Legal Office provides legal advice and services to the entire NCI Agency on official NATO matters in the following areas:

  • Legal basis and authority for NCI Agency activities;
  • Compliance with NATO rules and policies;
  • Legal review and interpretation of NCI Agency policies and directives;
  • Drafting, negotiation, review, and interpretation of agreements with nations, NATO bodies and other international organizations;
  • Contract law (including contract disputes and claims; legal review of contracts); export control issues, licensing, IPR;
  • Legal status and privileges under international agreements;
  • Personnel related issues;
  • Ethics, standards of conduct, anti-fraud, anti-corruption;
  • Review and advice on applicable international and national law;
  • Legal support to Operations;
  • Liaison with other legal offices in NATO and in national administration on all legal matters in common with these entities.

Legal Adviser/Head Legal Office
 Ms Simona Rocchi

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