​Service Management and Control

The Service Management and Control (SMC) Service Line covers the full life-cycle support (strategy, design, transition, operation and continuous service improvement including Subject Matter Expertise, Research and Development) for the Enterprise Service Management Systems (ESMS).  The ESMS is used to enable and automate the Agency service provisioning processes.

The SMC Service Line provides the common components, toolset, know-how and people to support seamless, integrated and correlated management of services.  SMC capabilities will present a consistent and homogenised face towards the customer through demand management, towards NCI Agency decision makers through service strategy, while favouring individual service line optimisation by allowing them to present significantly heterogeneous SMC facing interfaces.

SMC will cover both NCI Agency's provided and outsourced services, hence encapsulating the largest part of global service functionality intelligence, both during the design and operational phases of service management.

SMC toolset will provide the automation support for key service management processes and a large scale understanding of service interdependencies through integrated event, asset and configuration management.  The standardized toolset will enable SMC to deliver comprehensive service reporting as well as  predictive root cause and impact analysis to inform incident, problem, change, release, deployment, availability and capacity management at the global inter-Service Line level.

Chief (acting), Service Management and Control Service Line
Mr Angelo Talarico