Training Delivery 

NATO CIS School (NCISS) Latina

The NCISS, part of the E&T SL,  offers CIS Orientation courses & Management training for selected staff personnel, supports exercises and contributes subject matter expertise when required to NATO CIS projects, conferences and work-shops.

The NCISS portion of the NCI Agency Training Service Catalogue contains certificated residential (In-House) "hands-on" training to NATO CIS personnel tailored to operational requirements of NATO CIS Systems or FS/FAS, allocated to NATO HQs or Alliance Nations.

If necessary due to the complexity of the expected training, in-house foundation as well as E-learning foundation courses are defined as the pre-requisites before students will attend NCISS residential training courses.

As a special service, Mobile Training Teams (MTT) can deliver external "on-site" training on specific Subject Matter Areas to NCISS customers.

With the described services the NCISS contributes to the excellence of the NCI Agency in its function as the Allied Command Transformation (ACT)  accredited  NATO Training & Education Facility (NETF).

In 2014 the school received the "NATO Quality Assurance Unconditional Accreditation Award", which formally appreciates the efforts to align NATO's Education and Training with international educational standards, to meet identified academic quality assurance minimum standards for curriculum development, and implements best practices to further enhance the quality of education and training.

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AirC2 Training Group, Glons

The E&T SL AirC2 Training Group regularly conducts courses for the currently fielded systems like ICC, NIRIS and NISP in addition to the ACCS Familiarization Course. All courses are tasked by the ACCS Software Committee. The ICC, NIRIS and NISP courses are mainly oriented towards the technical specialists (System Administrators) while the ACCS Familiarization Course is a high level introduction to the ACCS Project.

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SHAPE CIS Training Centre (SCTC), Mons

The SHAPE CIS Training Centre provides the NATO Staff quality CIS/IT training on common Microsoft applications (Office 2013/2016) and specific NATO/SHAPE applications (Tasker Tracker Plus, EDMS, SharePoint, CIS Coordinator/Poc's etc.) to reduce user's problems and to teach the Staff how to work more efficiently using these applications in a correct manner.

All courses delivered are designed and tailored by NCIA E&T SL  Training Staff, to be used within the NATO environment and are trained hands-on in our classroom facility or on request on location. 
Digital Learning classes (Distance Learning) are held by the SCTC staff, to reduce the travel expenses and time.
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