NATO’s Consultation and Command Networks

Connecting the dots in space, cyberspace, air, land and maritime.

Technology is a key enabler of a connected, resilient Alliance. Through secure networks we deliver and maintain, NATO and the Nations can work together and exchange critical information. 

The Network Services and IT Infrastructure (NSII) Service Line connects the dots in space, in cyberspace, in the air, on land and at sea.

The NSII Mission enables secure and resilient data, voice and video communication services worldwide. We support deployed operations and exercises for NATO Joint Forces, and political consultations between NATO Headquarters and Nations. 

The NSII Service Line is the largest unit in the NCI Agency by personnel (more than 300 employees), operating revenue (more than 52 million EUR), and geographical footprint (15 locations).

The Core Enterprise Services (CES) Service Line provides fundamental IT services to the Agency, NATO and other customers. It offers services such as infrastructure storage and processing, communication and collaboration, web and information management and asset management. It also delivers project management services, scientific expertise and communication information systems security.

Federated Mission Networking

NATO’s Federated Mission Networking framework was designed to rapidly spin up and terminate mission networks to support coordinated operations. 

The NCI Agency offers technical support to that work. 

The framework is designed to enable Allied and Partner forces to communicate, train and operate together. 

Polaris Programme

We are modernizing NATO’s information technology infrastructure through our Polaris Programme. This effort will change the way the Alliance works, both for NATO staff and for the Nations. 

The Programme will establish the first NATO private cloud infrastructure, increasing the security of NATO networks. The programme also aims to bring new mobile devices (laptops and tablets) to more than 18,000 users across 44 locations in Europe and the United States.