Air Situation Data Exchange (ASDE)

The NATO requirement for a bi-directional exchange of a RAP between NATO nations and partner nations resulted in the development of the Air Situation Data Exchange (ASDE) system. This system manages the controlled exchange of air picture data by filtering the NATO air picture in such a way that it is releasable to partner nations.

The initial ASDE system was developed in cooperation with the NC3A and the NPC. Since 2007, the NPC has provided full system support for the ASDE including system installations.

The NPC supports Poland in the air situation data exchange with national organizations during the Euro Championship 2012. For this purpose, NPC provided and installed an Air Situation Data Exchange (ASDE) system in May 2012 for the temporary use in the CRC Warsaw, to downgrade the NATO Air Picture for exchange with other entities including the Air Traffic Control.