​Visit the NPC

Before visiting the NPC, please see our Visitor's Guide and browse through the information available below.

Security Policy

The following items are forbidden beyond security:

  • Cell Phones, Smart Phones or any other item with GSM or other radio communication capability
  • Private CIS (Laptops, PDA's, DVD's, CD's, Memory Sticks, etc...)
  • Private Media Players with USB male connections or Wi-Fi Capability
  • Cameras
  • Alcoholic Beverages

These items must checked and approved by security:

  • Portable Business PCs
  • Media Players (See Restrictions above)
  • Business Media (such as DVD's, CD's, USB Sticks, Memory Cards, etc...)

Generally, all electronic business equipment must be inspected by the guards before entry into the facility.




How to get there?

The NPC is located in an isolated area near Glons (Bassenge). The best way to find the NPC is to exit highway E313 (Liege <-> Antwerp) at exit 33 (Bassenge) and then follow the N618 direction Tongeren. From Glons on, there are road signs to the Belgian CRC and the NPC.

Please see a map view with traffic information here.

By Train:

  • Gare Liège Guillemins
  • Tongeren Station

Special arrangements can be made with the NPC Transport Section tel: +32 (0)42 89 9303 to shuttle you to/from the train station.

By Vehicle:

  • E313 Liège (Luik) - Anvers (Antwerp): Exit 33, turn left
  • Tongeren - Sluizen - Glons

For GPS based routing please use:

Thier Mathias 1b, Bassenge (Glons) OR Route Provinciale, Glons OR N50° 44' 40,5" E005° 32' 84,6"


The NPC does not have on-site accommodation; that said, it has a fully functioning cafeteria. Although the NPC does not recommend any one particular hotel, we include (without prejudice or commitment) details of local hotels which offer an NPC Special Rate for visitors and those attending training courses at the NPC.

Moreover, each of the following hotels has been visited by NPC Staff to ensure that the facilities are satisfactory

Hotel Ambiotel, Tongeren
(22 rooms)
Veemarkt 2
B 3700 Tongeren
Tel: 0032 (0) 12 26 2950
Fax: 0032 (0) 12 26 1542
Website: www.ambiotel.be/nl

Approx. 15 mins travel time

Hotel Eburon, Tongeren
(52 rooms)
De Schiervelstraat 10
B 3700 Tongeren
Tel: 0032 (0) 12 23 0199
Fax: 0032 (0) 12 26 1370
Website: www.eburonhotel.be

Approx. 15 mins travel time

Best Western Post Hotel, Herstal
Rue Hurbise
B 4040 Herstal
Tel: 0032 (0) 04 264 64 00
Fax: 0032 (0) 04 248 06 90
Website: www.posthotel.be

Approx. 20 mins travel time