Where we're headed

System Engineering

As the Programme moves into the next phase it will be transitioning to a thoroughly modernised Systems Engineering approach intended to create significant efficiency savings and enhance the effective integration with key stakeholders.

 The approach will be centred on the development and application of rigorous and well-defined processes, and the exploitation of an integrated architecture and requirements toolset. The Programme has a significant number of stakeholders each with differing information needs, but all drawing on the same core architectures - the key to efficiency and coherence is therefore to be able to generate and maintain information in a single authoritative source, whilst providing the capability to extract tailored information for the individual needs.

Integration & Test

The Test and Integration of the NATO BMD architecture is maturing and now includes closer and closer cooperation with all NATO nations' and the U.S. European Phased Adaptive Approach (EPAA) activities. The coming years will consist of intensive test campaigns involving national laboratories from the NATO contributing nations, as well as NATO common assets. National sensors and weapon systems will be incrementally integrated into the NATO Architecture. The BMD Programme's approach to testing consists of the following:

  • Engineering risk reduction testing (early verification of technical interoperability)

  • Capability system integration testing (verification of system interoperability between the NATO Command & Control System and national weapon & sensor systems)

  • Final Capability assessment tests (ensure that the fully integrated BMD Architecture meets the approved NATO requirements). While the BMD Programme is authorised to develop the specifications for an upper layer/exo-atmospheric capability, the authorisation to implement this capability has not yet been granted. When the North Atlantic Council authorises this capability upgrade, land based and sea-based upper-layer shooters will significantly enhance the protection of Alliance assets and forces deployed in-theatre.