Operational User Group

The Operational Community is an important part of our development effort, and key to both the architecture concept and the ultimate fielding of capability.

 In looking at lessons learned in other NATO programmes one of the key factors for success in any acquisition process is the early, and then continuous, engagement with the user. After all, the operational users will have to live with what the Programme puts in place; accordingly the Programme relies heavily on their advice. The BMD OUG is a co–chaired Programme Office/SHAPE group that meets 3–4 times per year and provide guidance on operational requirements. Support is provided by the NATO strategic and operational command levels, as well as the Extended Air Defence Task Force and a number of the key NATO nations. This group has helped in the process of developing a conceptual framework for the design of the initial NATO Theatre Missile Defence architecture. It also contributes closely to the development of the broader ballistic missile defence ambition.

Operational User Group (OUG)

  1. Provides guidance on operational requirements

  2. Coordinates with related programmes

  3. Is co-chaired by SHAPE staff and the BMD Programme Office


  1. NATO Air and Missile Defence Operational Players at all levels

  2. NATO nations contributing to NATO Ballistic Missile Defence