​CSU Uedem

CIS Support Unit (CSU) Uedem (Germany) is a component of NCI Agency's Service Operations substructure. Its task is to support Combined Air Operation Centre (CAOC) Uedem with comprehensive CIS services for static elements.

CSU Uedem is provisioned for 39 posts. It offers project, financial and supply management and information assurance services. Three technical sections provide 24/7 technical support for computer and communication systems and air command and control functional area systems.
CAOC Uedem is an Air Command & Control System (ACCS) validation site, so that CSU Uedem provides service to the cutting edge of AirC2 Functional Area Systems (FAS).

Commander, CSU Uedem
  MAJ Marcel Leiniger (DEU-AF)



NCI Agency CSU Uedem
Air Defense Site Paulsberg
Mühlenstraße 89
47589 Uedem