​CSU Mons


NCI Agency CIS Support Unit Mons (Belgium), installs, operates, maintains, and supports core Communication and Information Systems (CIS) capabilities during peacetime, crisis and war in its NATO Area of Responsibility and as otherwise directed.

The Unit provides timely, efficient, and effective CIS user support to the SHAPE estate.


"To Enhance the user experience".

Everything we do from network drops to router configurations or planning projects or answering a trouble call should be about enhancing the user experience.

Make A Difference "(MAD) for SHAPE"

Unit Mission Essential Tasks (Process-Oriented Activities)

-   Command and control local CIS assets and sector personnel in the Area of Responsibilities (AOR )
-   Protect the local network (COMSEC/INFOSEC)
-   Procure and account for CIS property
-   Perform Service Level Management 1)Core 2) Enhancing   3)Enabling
-   Informs Customers of all CIS related activities – Projects -  Network Status Changes
-   Perform local CIS support: Install, Configure, Maintain
-   Provide VTC services (NU, NS, NR)
-   Provide Voice support
-   Facilitate mobile Voice support
-   Technical consultancy and project management for CIS local projects
-   Voice secure/ unclassified
-   Single point of entry and exit for CIS assets within SHAPE estate a procured via NATO funding: "property accounting authority" functions
-    Contract Management

Commanders Detailed Vision: 4 Goals

1.  Goal (Internal focus):  Promote a winning attitude that enhances individual wellbeing, encourages workforce innovativeness, and reinforces unit team identity.   
2.  Goal (External focus):  Enhance user experience. Positive user feedback that the services provided adds value to the accomplishment of the mission
3.  Goal: Build strong collaborative sector relationships with relevant Communities of Interest.
DOM IKM / SHAPE Staff / CCOMC / NCI Agency Service Line Managers / BSG
4.  Goal:  Be a properly resourced, streamlined, seamless organization that is customer-focused and results-driven in support of current and future missions.


​Commander CSU Mons

NCI Agency CSU Mons
Building 117 room 222
Rue Grande – N6
7010 SHAPE Belgium 
NCN: 254 - 5227
DSN: 423 - 5227
Comm: (+32) 65445227
Fax: (+32) 65445222