CSU Naples


NCI Agency, as the NATO Communication and Information Systems (CIS) Service Provider, is to ensure the provision of secure end-to-end information exchange and information processing services required for NATO Consultation, Command and Control (C3) in the most resource effective manner.

CIS Support Unit Naples installs, operates, maintains and supports the full range of CIS capabilities during peacetime, crisis and war throughout its allocated Area of Responsibility (AOR) and as otherwise directed.

Command Staff Group 

Command Staff Group (CSG) is responsible for providing staff support and managing assigned resources. It directs, co-ordinates and supervises all staff activities, including human resources management and general administration, security management, INFOSEC, logistics, CIS operations, exercises, plans, requirements and service management. It is responsible for the development and continual improvement of information management throughout the Unit AOR.

Service Support Group

Service Support Group (SSG) is responsible for the installation, operation, and maintenance of all assigned Communications and Information Systems, in direct support of local customers in accordance with SLAs and for the provision of limited support to corporate customers within the Unit AOR. It is responsible for the development and continual improvement of Configuration, Problem, Change and Release Management processes and procedures throughout the Unit AOR.

Network Support Group

Networks Support Group (NSG) is responsible for the interface with the NATO wide communication systems, the distribution of CIS services and for assigned components contributing to NATO wide network connectivity. Contributes to local Configuration Management in respect of communication equipment and circuits. It has monitoring, reporting and maintenance responsibility throughout the Unit AOR. It is responsible for the establishment and maintenance of all interfaces between the Agency and National Defence Networks as well as the Agency and local service providers.