CSU Stavanger

The CIS Support Unit (CSU) Stavanger, as part of the Service Operation Directorate, is responsible to the General Manager for delivery of Communications and Information Systems (CIS) services to customers in Stavanger and Norway. The main customer, Joint Warfare Centre, receives a series of services both as static service delivery to permanent staff as well as dynamic and flexible event services in support of the Allied Command Transformation (ACT) Program of Work for exercises. The CSU delivers on multiple platforms, advanced, simulated and modulated exercises to the local warfare facility and remote locations, supporting the Education, Training, Experimentation and Exercise (ETEE) environment in NATO.

The CSU operates, maintains and configures the enhanced node in Stavanger, where full virtualization has been implemented for server infrastructure and desktop production. Delivery of core and functional services, built for an artificial scenario, allows high level training audience to train as they fight with JWC exercise control staff stimulating their training with injects, incidents, simulated and modulated war gaming and media training.


Commander, CSU Stavanger
Senior Grade Svein-Inge Soendergaard

NCI Agency – CSU Stavanger
Eikesetveien 29
4032 Stavanger - Norway
Tel +47 52 87 88 00
Fax +47 52 87 96 09
Email: ncstregistry@ncia.nato.int